Maritime Mary: Neighbourhood

Summer days means that most of our  living happens outdoors. We are much less inclined to hunker down for a marathon of TV viewing. Instead we cook outdoors, tinker around the yard, work at our vegetable and flower gardens, wash the car and relax for a reprieve under a shady tree. We are outside enjoying our property, the beach, our neighbourhood. 

Good neighbours are a blessing and we are truly among the blessed. Positive relationships are everywhere. People are friendly and help one another, keeping an eye out for the elderly and the young. On our quiet street, we sometimes casually gather and chat while children play. We laugh and call these our street meetings as we catch up on our news and enjoy the talents of the young ones playing around us. 

It’s much the same for our beach neighbourhood. We are not alone but among people we can count on when a need arises. 

And yes, as in days of old, we do go between houses occasionally to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar.