Maritime Mary: Strawberries. 

Local produce is always the best, and that most definitely applies to strawberries. While year around, we can purchase imported berries, the very best, the juiciest, and the sweetest are grown right here on Maritime soil. 

Strawberries are so versatile. You can enjoy them in a breakfast cereal, with yogurt  or ice cream, or with a sweet biscuit for a dessert shortbread with whipped cream. Try a few slices in a glass of crisp white wine, tastes like summer! And during these warm days, many kitchens are busy making a year’s worth of strawberry jam. It’s that wonderful flavour that is we seek year round. 

We have a very little patch of wild strawberries at the cottage. It takes a lot of picking to make a handful but they are so flavourful and sweet and they always make me reminiscent of picking those little berries as a child. It was a rite of summer. The warmer it would get, the more those wild berries seemed to shrink. It was challenging to manage to get even a cupful. But then, sampling was part of the job, wasn’t it?