Deanne’s Diary: Summer days Close to home

Just some of the things I saw this week. We are in the process of creating a new brochure. So I had to photograph my poppy rug again. Each year I change it a little , this year I added some of our kits to it.

I love the laudry line. It gets me back in touch with my early rugs. I saw this today and remembered why I hooked all those laundry lines. They were all around me. I got the urge to start one again.

Last night I drank a great tea called Evening Repose, made by a new Lavender Farm in Maccan a few miles from my studio. There is so much to do and see around here. You could take a little road trip everyday of the summer. The bowl you see was bought at the Tidnish Art Gallery, the mug at Sarah Bonnyman Pottery in Tatamagouche,all with in an hour from my studio.


One thought on “Deanne’s Diary: Summer days Close to home

  1. I love the new poppy picture. Somehow the background looks bluer which I, personally, like better than the grey I was seeing before. Also the bits of green seem to pop out more. Better and better!

    Don’t you just want to bury your face in fresh laundry? I always buy the “fresh linen” scent of anything that comes that way. I’m not a big scent person – I like fresh, clean air – but the “fresh linen” can be nice.


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