Catherine Bussiere: overcast

there is something soft and nostalgic in this overcast Sunday
or at least it is how I feel this morning
tomorrow will be two years since my sister passed away
tomorrow a week will have past since the birth of my niece’s baby boy Jack

when her mom called me a couple hours after he was born I got caught up in emotion so strong I could not speak
the new grandma couldn’t either
both chocked up at the end of our line we were overwhelmed with the beauty and sheer happiness of the moment
baby and niece, baby and new mama were fine, beautiful, healthy

I remember when my sister’s son was born
he was a July baby too
just a tiny little boy
she let me carry him around out in the Montreal streets
I remember feeling very protective of this new life
my sister had that new mother’s glow
her one and only child will be 25 soon

today feels heavy and light
luminosity of an overcast day
flowers blooming, flowers fading
the wheel turning

today I will meet Jack