Deanne’s Diary: Summer Visitors 

 Today was a busy day

First thing thismorning Joseph and Rose from Iowa

Then Sharon with her beautiful Sable Island Pony

Then Diane from New York who is a member of our Pattern of the Month Club came with her fsmily to my women’s store across the street because it was busy.

Sonice to see people stopping by.

I went to my friend’s 90th birthday party and snoggled on cherry and cream cheese sandwiches.

While there I organised two gorgeous lunches for the retreat I am planning here for next June…think homemade strawberry shortcake…think lobster rolls. Yup this is going to be a gorgeous retreat.

Then I came home and my good man took it upon himself to make supper. The sun is shining and my bike is waiting in the yard . 

2 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary: Summer Visitors 

  1. While on vacation in Nova Scotia (from Niagara Falls), I had an opportunity to visit the studio on July 29. I’m just learning how to hook rugs and I saw a kit on the website (Lupin Cottage) that I wanted to get, but there were none available for purchase. The member of staff on duty was great – she made the kit up for me while also waiting on a stream of customers coming in to the studio and answering the phone. Fantastic service! Thank you!


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