Deanne’s Diary: thanks for the birthday

 Why would you ever complain about the wrinkles on your neck

Or how your hands are starting to look like your mothers.

When fifty comes take it like a gust of wind, like a breath of fresh air and breathe it in.

It is time to reaqquaint yourself with yourself again.

Thank you for this week of celebration that I had. 

Thank you for the cards and gifts and greetings.

To my sisters and my friends, and all the joy that comes from being a part of your lives. I had such a fine week.

To my son and daughter for the lovliest cards I have ever ever received, you are the lovliest creations I have ever been part of making.

Now I am ready just to get on with being fifty. Enough celebrating age, now is is time to just be it! Joyfully.



3 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary: thanks for the birthday

  1. This is a favorite poem, but I can’t remember the creator:

    I like the age I am
    It’s a wonderful time no matter when.
    So if I’m a hundred or if I am ten,
    I like the age I am 😉


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