Maritime Mary: It’s Generational 

I grew up on a dairy farm that my parents built with hard and dedicated work. My brother farmed that same operation and now my nephew is preparing to do the same. 

Farmers talk about their beautiful animals, about production and lineage, of silage, corn, grain and grass. Their schedule is dictated by the seasons and successful spring, summer and fall crops are so important to feeding their livelihood throughout the year. They watch for that perfect timing, for letting the animals out to graze, for fertilizing, for cutting and harvesting.  They observe nature closely. 

As I live over two hours north of my family, I was always asked by my parents if they were “further ahead” than in Cumberland County. What they were asking about was the greenness of the grass and the state of the buds on the trees. Over the years, my brother would also ask that question and last week, my nephew asked the very same thing. Farmers all, watching and talking about the land. 

Now I know that come August, the question will change when it will be about the height of the corn crops. “Is the corn this high in Cumberland?”  I chuckle in anticipation. 

Generations of farmers who provide food for our tables, for our health, are all connected through their love and respect for the land. Here’s to a successful growing season!