Newsletter – The Mystery of the Finish

The Mystery of the Finish

This morning I bounded out of bed because I think I am about to finish a really big rug. It is two very large sails that I sat under as we took a ride in the Caribbean, my first vacation in ten years. Don’t feel bad for me, my job is a bit of a vacation. Though I spent over a month making that rug I really have no idea how it will turn out. I am working from a picture in my head, the real thing is a mystery. It reminds me of the Iris Dement song, “Let the mystery be.” which is about religion and spirituality. I think it goes for creativity too. It is part of the letting go, the knowledge that you cannot control what you are making completely. You just put yourself into it, immerse yourself and accept what happens. Another metaphor for life, another reason why people say art is life. I hope this spring that each of you has something that you are immersed in because life is so much better when you do. I need to be engaged, immersed, excited by what there is to do in front of me. When I am it makes me happy.This morning I am happy to finish and reveal this little mystery sitting before me.What are you engaged in? Where is your rug going? What is your next project. That is the beauty of finishing…a new beginning.

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New New New !!

Hooking People Online Lesson 

This online lesson is packed with videos, drawings, images of rugs, and so, so much more. It covers everything you need to know about how I like to hook people including the following topics: drawing people, outlining people, designing people rugs, hooking people in context, hooking clothing, skin tones, the importance of story, hooking faces, using borders in people rugs, creating small portraits, making people stand out and more! Once you purchase this online lesson the information is yours to access forever. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive an email with information on how to access your online lesson.
Hooking People Online Lesson $99 

Five Trees Online Lesson…

There is a single tree on the way to Parrsboro that always captures my attention. It’s often that way isn’t it? Often there is some landmark on a familiar drive that we wait for as the landscape whizzes by us. We see it, it captures our imagination, soothes us on our way. 

That single tree high up on a blueberry field has inspired many rugs for me and Five Trees is one of them. Last January I decided to create a pattern inspired by this rug, and create a Work Along with Deanne Online Course which we offered this past March. This Work Along Course was a great success and those who took it produced amazing work.
Now I am offering the content from the Five Trees Work Along organized, and in one place that you can access forever. This course includes ten lessons with videos will be yours to watch again and again and you can work along at your own pace on the Five Tree Rug. 
I’ll be offering some special tips on hooking more quickly and finishing projects to keep you inspired. The 10 lessons will include colour images, written instructions, and video all about hooking this particular Pattern, the Five Trees. 
 If you would like to purchase the Five Trees Pattern you will find that here.

You can also purchase a complete kit with the pattern and cut wool for the Five Trees here.

Inspirata from the Blog

Recipe for Studio Oatcakes

Dear Diary , for years I made these oatcakes…the one shown here were made by my faithful friend Jane Allen, who makes them for me during our workshops. It is a recipe found in a church cookbook at the little Anglican Church where I was married, and my children were baptised. It was submitted by my friend’s mother, Mrs. Sheila Sanford.

When Jane makes them she adds a little extra sugar. She has never said that but I can just tell. They are delicious either way …read more

The Mystery Pattern of the Month Club – You should Join Today.  

For just $34 a month you will receive a special package delivered to your door.  Inside the package is a rug hooking screen printed on linen backing, a letter from Deanne, and a little treat.  The Pattern of the Month Club is perfect for those who:

– want to make rug hooking part of their daily routine

-love surprises

-have a lot of wool but not sure what they want to hook

-love Deanne’s designs and want to collect them all!

Pattern of the Month Club just $34 (free shipping!) 


Wild With Wool Online Tutorial is now available


We are happy to offer this wildly popular online course again – but this time it is in a different format.  Now when you purchase the Wild With Wool Online Course all of the information is available to you immediately and forever!  

In Wild with Wool I really try to show you the way I hook. This course is loaded with videos that show you the inside story of how I create my rugs, how I approach materials and experiment with them. It is a great course for anyone who wants to discover the possibilities of rug hooking and get creative with their projects.

It is a course that will help you become more inventive, more comfortable, and more creative with your rug hooking. It explores everything from basic rug hooking, to dying wool to designing your own rugs.

– Lesson one: Getting into the groove of the hook and understanding technique

-Lesson two: Understanding materials, movement

-Lesson three: Colour and Texture Lesson four: Creativity and Rug hooking

-And there is more!

There are over 10 Mini-Lessons that include video, audio clips, photos and more.

When you purchase this Online Tutorial you will be sent a link to the course website along with a unique username and password to access the course content.

You will always have access to the content, your access will never expire.  This makes it ideal for those who like to work at their own pace.

Keep in mind, there won’t be any activity stream like there was in the past – but feel free to share your progress on the Wild with Wool Facebook page.

Wild With Wool Online Course $99 


I have Many Online Courses you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home….Get Creative,  Have Fun,  and take your Rug Hooking to the next level…

Hooking Rugs – A great video primer for beginners, also a great refresher – I guarantee you will learn something.

Just $9.99 
Hooking People Online Video- Everything you need to know to bring people to life in your mats $24.95
Poppy Power – Includes the full content of my very popular “Poppies Pattern Book” along with video lessons 


The Swimmers – Video instruction on hooking people on a small scale $19.95
Seasonal Floral Pillows – Video instruction on how to hook beautiful floral pillows.

Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs – Includes 9 videos and more $39.95
Landscape Rugs – A pdf lesson with 29 full colour pages in which I explain how I create my field rugs and natural landscapes.



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