18 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary: seven dresses,seven days

  1. HI Deanne,

    Just read through the comments after you posted the first three dresses. I’m not even going to tell you which one I like best because it’s not me that’s going to be wearing it (although there are a couple I may drop in to try on). I just see that YOU look great. Everyone agreed on that even if they couldn’t agree on the dress. Make sure you let us know which one you wear in the end.

  2. I love the dress on top … the cherry blossom special.
    The shoes are pretty nice too! Just like the princess!
    You have lots of lovely choices.

  3. Definitely no. 1! Beautiful colours and flattering – plus cool for warm graduation ceremonies (they always are lol) Such a special day😊

  4. All these dresses look great. You are so lucky to find so many. I’lucky if I find 1 or 2 to try on. Even then not usually a perfect look.
    I think I am partial to the light blue with the pink blossoms

  5. Out of these four the blue flowery one is the most flattering and beautiful.

  6. you look great in all those dresses. I especially like the first one. It looks like spring! xxoo

  7. I still love #3. You have great shoulders and arms and maybe with a little jacket for the graduation ceremony….and then you’d still have that dress to go dancing with Robert!
    If that doesn’t work for you then #4

  8. Love the top one on you! (pale green & cherry blossoms). Second choice is the dark blue floral.

  9. I LOVE the second dress with blue flowers on you! I think it is stunning and shows off your figure so well. You look hot mama! I love the first print but not he cut as much as the second. The 4th is also very cute but a little too plain I think? I think you should get all 3 of these and just go be fancy around town the next month! LOL

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