Maritime Mary: Saying Good -Bye

Recently we have had to say a final good-bye to some very fine people who fought hard but lost the battle. They were family men foremost, men involved in their community, people who loved to laugh and who enjoyed being in the company of others.  They crossed our paths regularly  and over many years, shared happy times with us.

We call the final service a celebration of life and fittingly it is. A daughter said to me recently that from that service, surrounded by so many, she received the comfort she required after the loss of her father. We listened to scripture aptly chosen, to the words of homilies and ulogies which brought nodding smiles and quiet chuckles, and to the messages of hymns meant to lift our spirits. We shed tears as we listened to ‘Ave Maria’in Latin and to a strong voice accompanied by piano sharing the specifically chosen ‘I Did it My Way’. 

Yes, these were final celebrations but maybe they were also meant to carry us to the next level where we smile when recalling good memories and further to that, to make us pause and reflect on our own lives, to say hello to our own lives and how we are living. Maybe we can take a piece of a good person lost and bring it forward in ourselves. 

And as I have been told many times over the years by positive, happy, elderly  people, that just to wake up each day is a blessing. And it is. Have a great day.