30 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary Seven dresses… seven days

  1. I just love dress #2 , that way even if it is a little cool that day you don’t have to worry about a cover up — and I love the roses – very classy !!

  2. # 1 is nice…# 2 is good but # 3 is “sexy”(? ) You can look your age, more or less, like most of us and wear the “right thing” or the “expected thing” or ???? Really though… wear the one you feel most comfortable in as you will wear that like your skin.

  3. definitely #1. To my eyes, the other ones are too eye-catching. People should be looking at you, not what you’re wearing. And the consensus seems to agree with me, which is astonishing to me since I can’t do this for myself AT ALL! And I need to for my daughter’s wedding this summer, an especially casual affair, just to make it more complicated for me. 😦

  4. LOve the navy with the roses. Pick Dress#2. I only saw three dresses. How did I miss the other four?

  5. Dress #1 is the most suitable and fits you well. Dress # 2 is a no from me. I like dress # 3….. It’s very slimming but not sure if it’s too casual…..that may depend on the weather. It its hot and humid out then maybe….. That is my 2 cents worth. Lol

  6. They are all really pretty on you but I think I like #1 the best of the these three.

  7. Out of the three I liked the navy one best on you. It really compliments your coloring, but all are “pretty nice”!!

  8. I think #1 is the most politically correct choice #2 is perhaps a bit matronly but love those roses #3 love the flirtiness and you look awesome in it

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