Deanne’s Diary: Talk

Dear Diary,

I talk to myself. I tell myself that I should take more photographs.

I tell myself I need things then I talk myself out of it. Then I talk myself back into it.

I tell myself, “it’s okay.” Then I tell myself, “It’s not okay.”

Last weekend some of the women I went to counselling school with came for supper. They probably do lots of self talk too.

I need to talk to myself. I learned how to do it well going to counselling school I think. I learned that I need encouragement and it is my job to look after myself.

It is also my job to monitor what I say to myself. For example I  am not allowed to tell myself that “I am fat.” I am only allowed to say , “You need a walk.” or “You need to eat better.”

I try to treat myself the way a good parent would.

I refuse to diminish myself. If I catch myself doing it. I reprimand myself.

Life can be difficult. Other people can be hard to get along with. Conflict is natural but we have to learn to be kind to ourselves.

Not self indulgent.

Not too permissive.

Just Kind.

Be kind to yourself.