Maritime Mary: A Day at the Studio

Every Tuesday is different. When I arrive at Deanne’s studio on Tuesday mornings for my day of work, the first thing I do is to look around to check out what changes were made since the previous week. And every week, something is different. It could be a new rug on the wall, a new product, new wool colours, new yarns, or the furniture, well it could very well be changed all around. There is always something. 

Today was as most days are, filled with variety. Interesting people passed through to gather wool for projects, Bill Hopper came in and made us laugh, Harry the Printer dropped in, orders were filled and kits were prepared. We talked as we worked, that happens with a work force of women. It’s a great place to work. 



Today Deanne spent some time drawing one of a kind designs on linen and burlap. 


Laurie was busy at the serger preparing backing for Deanne’s designs. 

  Megan was catching up on emails. 



Poppies on the Edge of Town kits were prepared. 

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