Wild With Wool Online Tutorial Now Available


Wild With Wool Online Tutorial is now available for $99

We are happy to offer this wildly popular online course again – but this time it is in a different format.  Now when you purchase the Wild With Wool Online Course all of the information is available to you immediately and forever!  

In Wild with Wool I really try to show you the way I hook. This course is loaded with videos that show you the inside story of how I create my rugs, how I approach materials and experiment with them. It is a great course for anyone who wants to discover the possibilities of rug hooking and get creative with their projects.

It is a course that will help you become more inventive, more comfortable, and more creative with your rug hooking. It explores everything from basic rug hooking, to dying wool to designing your own rugs.

– Lesson one: Getting into the groove of the hook and understanding technique

-Lesson two: Understanding materials, movement

-Lesson three: Colour and Texture Lesson four: Creativity and Rug hooking

-And there is more!

There are over 10 Mini-Lessons that include video, audio clips, photos and more.

When you purchase this Online Tutorial you will be sent a link to the course website along with a unique username and password to access the course content.

You will always have access to the content, your access will never expire.  This makes it ideal for those who like to work at their own pace.

Keep in mind, there won’t be any activity stream like there was in the past – but feel free to share your progress on the Wild with Wool Facebook page.

Wild With Wool Online Course $99 

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Inspirata from the Blog…

Dear Diary, I have had lots of interesting responses and conversations about the question I posed Why have knitting and quilting have become so popular, while rug hooking remains more obscure. Today I even got a beautiful handwritten letter in the mail from Carrie Clem a reader in Aylesford , Nova Scotia. In it she asked me to write a bit about when I was a young mother with small chidren and how I managed to work at that time…read more

I have Many Online Courses you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home….Get Creative,  Have Fun,  and take your Rug Hooking to the next level…

Hooking Rugs – A great video primer for beginners, also a great refresher – I guarantee you will learn something.

Just $9.99 
Hooking People Online Video- Everything you need to know to bring people to life in your mats $24.95
Poppy Power – Includes the full content of my very popular “Poppies Pattern Book” along with video lessons 


The Swimmers – Video instruction on hooking people on a small scale $19.95
Seasonal Floral Pillows – Video instruction on how to hook beautiful floral pillows.

Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs – Includes 9 videos and more $39.95
Landscape Rugs – A pdf lesson with 29 full colour pages in which I explain how I create my field rugs and natural landscapes.



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