Jo-Ann’s Day in a Two Inch Square

This is Jo-Ann, she emailed us recently about her project, her Wool Journal.

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Jo-Ann wrote:

My husband Rod passed away before Christmas. He was the love of my life, my soulmate and it’s been a very difficult time for me. I decided it might be helpful to journal my feelings, but since I’m not a writer I decided to journal in wool.  I had seen a daily weaving once and thought that might be something I’d like to do sometime. It was the perfect start off point for this hooking idea.

Every night I sit down and contemplate my day. Sometimes it’s a time of sorrow and sometimes it’s a celebration, or simply gratitude. I use colour and the flow of the wool to depict my feelings. I chose a two-inch square since it’s large enough to get the feeling across, but not too large to become an overwhelming project. Right now I’m starting week nine and I plan to continue on for about a year. I’m also using your Making Time daybook to just jot down a word or two about my day.


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Thank you Jo-Ann for sharing this personal project with us, it is a good reminder that we can use creativity to process emotions.  If you have a story about rug hooking or creativity that may inspire others please email it to

4 thoughts on “Jo-Ann’s Day in a Two Inch Square

  1. Thank-you for your lovely and supportive comments. I had shared this idea in hopes it might help someone else. I have a tendency to bottle up my emotions – as I think many of us do. Hooking this rug has given me an outlet that I’m comfortable with and is giving me something tangible to record my journey. Funny how the right idea is there for you right when you need it the most.


  2. That is such a lovely creative and I hope healing idea. Giving yourself a year to go through all the ups and downs is courageous. May this bring you peace and acceptance.


  3. What a great thing to do. At first 2″ square seemed way too small to put much into but I see what you are doing. You will look back at this in a year and be amazed. Having written for a living, I know how good it is to put your thoughts down on paper and the same applies for putting them to cloth.


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