Maritime Mary: A Few Days Away

Sometimes a few days away is just what a person needs. It’s about being someplace where your routine is different, when you are doing something outside your ordinary day. Not that there is anything wrong with a regular day, but  merely changing it up can be a good thing. You don’t need to go far, maybe only an hour or two, and ideally, you should travel lightly. That part is the challenge, to keep everything as simple as possible. 

Except for packing little, that is just what we did recently. We stayed in a nice hotel, spent time with family and friends, attended numerous curling games and ate many wonderful meals at a variety of restaurants. It was a mini vacation, such a treat not to cook or clean, to be guests who did not pitch in to help. 

Now we are tired but refreshed and glad to be home with our ordinary routines. Life is good!