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Dear Diary,

Just got this rug completed! Once I get to a certain point I just have to finish because I am so excited at the prospect of seeing the completed thing. Even though I have a picture in my mind , it is always a complete surprise.

You’ll notice a few changes on the website. We are changing our background colour to white and the blog has been updated. There will be a new home page too that matches the blog, we are working on that. I want it to be a bit more streamlined and modern. Change is the only thing that is constant they say. I am also working on a new logo for the studio so there will be more changes coming. On Saturday afternoon I sat with the blog and thought about where I am going with it and decided that I am not quite ready to let it go. If you look in the archives of the blog, there are hundreds of posts. Yet sometimes I still have a little something to write about so I think the new redesign will inspire me to get back to the blog a little bit more. Keep visiting, you’ll be hearing from me  more there.
Writing is not something that I can command . It just comes when it comes so I have to be patient with myself. I have learned though that if I show up, often the words will show up too. Just like your hooking, if you show up to the frame, the hook is just waiting for you.
In todays’ Coffee with Deanne,at the bottom of this newsletter I give you some tips on monochromatic hooking with Abstracts. We have really been focusing on making these videos and this week we have even set up a little studio in the back room here so that we can have a permanent spot with better lighting ( we bought studio lights to go with our microphone) to take pictures of rugs, record the videos and make our production quality a little better.  We are also integrating the whole shop so that the back room is not just for knitters and knitting. Now if you want to see all we have you  will have to wander through the whole studio because I have been putting wool cloth in the back, wool yarns in the front and just generally mixing everything up!

Cheers, Deanne

My book Simply Modern had a really nice review in Rug Hooking Magazine. I also had an article about Simplicity in Hooking in this month’s magazine. I am also working on another article for them. You can buy it here.

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Coffee With Deanne – Episode 21 – Monochromatic Hooking My Way…click on the video below to watch…and subscribe to My Youtube Channel!

Inspirata from the Blog…

Check out our new look on the blog and get a sneak peek at my latest rug…

I have Many Online Courses you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home….Get Creative,  Have Fun,  and take your Rug Hooking to the next level…

Hooking Rugs – A great video primer for beginners, also a great refresher – I guarantee you will learn something.

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Hooking People Online Video- Everything you need to know to bring people to life in your mats $24.95
Poppy Power – Includes the full content of my very popular “Poppies Pattern Book” along with video lessons 


The Swimmers – Video instruction on hooking people on a small scale $19.95
Seasonal Floral Pillows – Video instruction on how to hook beautiful floral pillows.

Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs – Includes 9 videos and more $39.95
Landscape Rugs – A pdf lesson with 29 full colour pages in which I explain how I create my field rugs and natural landscapes.


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