Deanne’s Diary : eating alone



Dear Diary, 

I fogot my lunch. Everyday I bring my leftovers in my little blue container and have my lunch at the studio. It is something I look forward to, sitting with who ever is working and chatting…often about what we will cook for supper. Food is a big part of our life here. 

Today though I am at the local pub by myself because I have no lunch bucket. For many of you who come to workshops you will enjoy seeing Darlene at the bar again.  Duncans is one of the lunch spots that we hit at the workshops and many people whi come to the studio have dinner here. On Thursday Nights they have an open mike and some of our workshop participants have had some pretty good times there so I hear. 

It is a nice thing to hsve a neighborhood place, a downtown local, where you can slip in by yourself and feel as comfortable as if you had a tableful with you. Lunching alone …well really I am lunching with you guys in a way.. Is a nice thing!

2 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary : eating alone

  1. Jane, Ruth, and I always Hung Out at Duncan’s when we came to your workshops. Such a fun place with so much attmespher


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