Maritime Mary: Going for Green

We’ve had a whole lot of white in this Maritime winter. We shovel, scrape snow off roofs, pick at ice, shovel again and again after the plows go by, and we talk in amazement about the huge banks that have accumulated. 

Enough! The season of spring has technically arrived and while we are still living in a white world, it is time that our thoughts go to green. Being the optimistic type, I am going to focus of the tiny bits of grass that show up occasionally along the edges of driveways and sidewalks. 

At Deanne’s studio, I’m enjoying (and encouraged by) all the shades of green wool on the shelves. They make me excited about the promise of fine weather, weather that warms the soil and allows us to enjoy the outdoors without layers of clothing. 

In my basement, under grow lights, geraniums have long ago been cut back, repotted, and are now a beautiful and vibrant deep shade of green. It’s all very promising. 

So be with me, shovel again if we must, but remain positive and keep your eye on the ‘peek-a-boo’ bits of early spring green. It’s under there!

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