Deanne’s Diary : Rug Hooking Work in Progress


Dear Diary, I cannot make the rugs I used to make many years ago and still feel satisfied. I like a more modern design like those in my new book, Simply Modern, which was just reviewed nicely in Rug Hooking Magazine. In this rug I am working on now the purple area is all the impression of little purple houses. I have never done that before and I’ll be excited to take it off the frame. All there is left to do is the sky but somehow I could not sit still to work on it today. Maybe after writing here I will feel ready. Even just ten minutes, a few minutes every day and you’ll make good progress.

Here in Nova Scotia there is plenty of winter so there is lots of time to be at the rug. The weather today is cold but spring like so I have been out and about a bit. I run across the road to the women’s store to see whose trying clothes on, then I flit back here and work on our new little youtube studio, write, make tea. I am like something that lights upon a spot for a little while then flits off again. Not a butterfly exactly, that does not describe me, but some sort of bird probably.

So now to sit steady, quietly and listen to my own rhythm. Welcome to the frame. Your rug hooking awaits.





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  1. I recently posted a tapestry of my great-grandmother’s Norwegian fairy tale. I am an artist who lost their studio space and am slowly losing neurological coordination and I would like some help starting rug hooking. We are moving to a retirement home and would appreciate any material you can spare or sale.


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