Deanne’s Diary: Hooking a Rug for a Room in the House

Dear Diary, sitting here by the fire really happy to be home. Today I started a sky on my rug . I have it planned for this room behind the woodstove on the main wall. For years I have had something very subtle here so this new rug is going to be big drama? Is that really what I want in this quiet space? I think so. I won’t know though until the rug is finished. I have not colour planned it to work in the room. To heck with that. Either it will work or it won’t. I am anxious to see. I have found over the years that trying to work out the best colour plan for the room sacrifices the rug and I am not willing to do that. Make the rug to be beautiful for the rug and it will find the right room. It may take some time but that’s okay, isn’t it?

This rug may be going for sale or maybe it will be the new one… Hard to say

4 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary: Hooking a Rug for a Room in the House

  1. Yes…. they all seem to eventually find their place in my home. Some get moved around, and others seem to have found their perfect long time spot. It’s the most fun to hook colors I’m excited about and just wait to see what happens!


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