Deanne’s Diary : Back to the Rug Hooking Blog

IMG_0340 Dear Diary, It has been a while since I sat and wrote to you. It seems I have been talking in other ways with Facebook, Instagram, and Coffee with Deanne videos. There is only so much a girl has to say I s’pose. Today though I took a look at you, my blog and found you needed an upgrade. Isn’t it odd that for an upgrade I went back to simplest of themes again. No need to see every post and what has been going on for months here in the studio. Lets make you current, lets make you matter. I have taken to writing the diary in my newsletter because it reaches so many people. We publish it here too but I think now and again I’ll come back here just to  tell you how I’m feeling. I work here at the studio six days a week and then I have a day of rest. Sometimes I hook but it is no burden on a Sunday. So there should be time to talk to you a little. To spend some time. Right now I am loving close ups of my rugs. They are little colour studies. I learn from them sand they make me see the whole rug in progress differently.   IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0349

5 thoughts on “Deanne’s Diary : Back to the Rug Hooking Blog

  1. I like how the close-ups show how you used all the different colours and textures integrated together — a little bit of this here and a little bit of that there. Then I really enjoy walking backwards and seeing how all those little bits of this and that come together to form the overall image of the finished rug. Looking forward to seeing your new rug!


  2. Glad ur writing again, deanne,,, your mats closeup are glorious!! Love , love the inspiration you give everyone,,,,


  3. I am just finishing the 5 Trees and I must tell you how much I have enjoyed doing the course.
    Seeing all that colour come together was so exciting. I never thought I could accomplish something so beautiful (if I say so myself). Thank you so much for helping all of us get through the winter.

    Yours in Hooking,
    Christine Ford

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