Maritime Mary: Feeding Chickadees

Watching birds at the feeder in winter is an enjoyable diversion from clearing away snow. The pretty little chickadee is a favourite of ours, always polite, and not bossy or aggressive as some of the others who frequently dine at our feeders. 

In close proximity to our town, we have a great natural spot that we call ‘the Glen’, otherwise known as the Amherst Point Bird Sanctuary. While walking the paths there, usually there are many little chickadees flitting around. They are quite used to people and will actually light upon your hand if it is filled with a tempting bird food. Their tiny little feet almost feel ticklish, they pick up a seed and fly off. Sometimes you have to be patient and you must remain quite still to attract them. 

It is so sweet to watch the faces of children when they they are focusing on being calm and while they experience the thrill of a little chickadee eating from their offering. 

Feeding our feathered friends, whether it be from a backyard feeder or at the Glen, keeps us in touch with the simpler side of winter. 

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