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Deanne’s Diary…

Rug hookers quoting Plato….well of course. I would not expect any less. I actually brought out my old university copy of Plato last week after seeing the quote “Be kind for everyone you meet is facing a great battle.” several times recently.Truth is though I could not sink my teeth in it and quickly gave up and sat down to hook. It is hard sometimes to read those great books with out the incentive of a class.Yet the strength of the quote remains.

It is true that each of carries with us our private stories , our personal selves and we need to look at each other knowing that, and try to treat each other kindly.

Last week you see I was home with the cold and I read a lot. I read a lot about business and creativity and thought a lot about my own experiences. I would really like to write something about art /craft and business from my own perspective that would be useful to people who want to start their own creative business. It might end up being a tutorial or online course but I do want to do that.
 A few years ago when we came up with the idea, “Create Beauty Everyday” it was after a period of reflection, and a lot of conversations with other creative people like Susan Black, of Susan Black Designs. She helped me formulate that in that she kept saying, “Are you just hooking rugs or are you doing more than that.?”
Many things we do have lots of meaning and sometimes we have no idea of the meaning behind what we are doing. It just arises. Some of the notes and letters I have gotten over the years have shown me that here at the studio my life is about more than hooking rugs or knitting, or making because making is about more than that.
 We make because we must, because there is something inside of us driving us. Something that wants to emerge from us in a tactile form. Yet, ironically,  making  beautiful things is about so much more than the thing itself because of our intrinsic desire to get it out. Making something is about expressing our creativity, our soulfulness, and this is deep stuff on one level, and just a rug on another level. Kind of like Plato, really simple, and really deep at the same time.

 – Deanne

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Inspirata from the Blog…

Today we tasted spring, and the flavour was maple. I took a walk into the fenwick sugar bush to Neil Ripley’s camp which is “off the grid”. Everything, not just the maple candy, is handmade. For me , this walk is an annual trek, and some years I take a few pictures.  Today I used the camera on the stacks of cord wood that he had piled in six foot lengths that he used to heat the burners to boil down the sap…read more
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