Maritime Mary: Through the Window

I know  that it’s not why I attend regularly but I am very drawn to looking up and out the windows at church. 

They are lovely windows, way up high above the altar, and are soon to be filled with beautiful stained glass refurbished from our old church.  But for now and until then, I look up and watch through the clear glass.  Only a bit of a tree top is visible but I have watched pretty little clouds drift by, various bird pass, dark sky give way to blue. I just cannot help looking up and waiting. I’ve even nudged the person sitting next to me to draw their attention to something up there. 

But really, isn’t this part of the reason for going to church anyway, to pause, reflect and be quiet? The bonus is observing nature through the window. 

One thought on “Maritime Mary: Through the Window

  1. What beautiful windows to gaze through. I agree with how church is a place to reflect, I often find myself gazing out our church window towards the mountains in Maine.


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