just be yourself…no one cares

from the archives…

Dear Diary, While my daughter bagged groceries for her hockey team last Saturday I was held captive at the local grocery store. I had a book, but still….

After a half hour of standing I went for a walk. I keep my camera with me now almost all the time so when I found myself in the floral shoppe, I said, “Well there is beauty everywhere, even in the most mundane places.”

Who would think these photos  were from the grocery store? Orchids, tulips, roses, gerber daisys, they were all there to touch, smell and see. So I got out my camera and passed the time. When you are forced to be somewhere you begin to see things differently, look at things more closely. I felt a little weird with a big old camera in the neighborhood grocery store but you know, you just have to get over yourself if you want to make stuff. It’s natural to worry what other people think but it’s not good to worry so much you stifle yourself.

So I put that strap around my neck, and started shooting the flowers close up. I just decided that if someone wanted to roll their eyes at me, they could go ahead. My sister used to cross her eyes when she was little for fun, to torment my mother. My mother used to say, “Wilhelmina, if the wind changes while you are doing that, they’ll stay crossed forever.”  So I just hope that the eye rollers know the risk they’re taking. No one wants their pupils stuck up under their lids if the wind changes.

The thing is, no one really cares what you are at. They might like to observe it ,judge it, even roll their eyes about but essentially they know that you are you, and they are them, and that we are all really up to our own devices. So if you want to haul out a sketch book, a camera, a rug hook, some knitting needles, go for it. Be yourself, and let everyone else be themselves.

16 thoughts on “just be yourself…no one cares

  1. I’m not kidding, I could suddenly smell those tulips as I scrolled through your photos. Thanks for that ‘hit’ of spring, I needed it since we’ve been hit with several inches of snow today!


  2. Gorgeous! Finding beauty where you are. What a great thought to begin the day! Not caring what people think? My wonderful honorary Aunt told me once “What other people think of you is none of your business”. That would work on a rug, come to think of it!


  3. I like this post. The idea and the tulips bloom forth.
    Recently I inadvertently came across your Youtube video and discovered the wonderful fact that I have been hooking too low and too tight. I feel really liberated now and have already changed my method. Sometimes you really just have to see an expert do it.
    I laughed a lot about the video Teaching Grandma to hook. I think you are having way too much fun! 🙂


  4. What great ideas! I was having trouble with the colours on the bathing suit of the “Beach Bum” and someone suggested yellow flowers (I made her suit hot pink because that is what I would wear if I could find it) This picture of the daisy type flower reinforced what my eyes told me – those colours ROCK!!! See, Mother Nature knew that all along!! Thanks!


  5. With a mountain of snow left to melt in Sunny Manitoba the tulips are a delight to my eyes – a friend left a lovely bouquet of daffodils in my car last week and they are still blooming beautifully!! Your blogs are an absolute delight.


  6. You pictures were more than welcome as we are in 45 knot winds, driving rain which is to change to snow before midnight. Keep “spring”coming! I did see tulips poking up yesterday and a robin getting a worm then too. March came into Minnesota as a lamb but is exiting like a lion as the long range has more flurries and cold.


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