Maritime Mary: Making My Day

As I was recently opening a fresh new pack of gel pens, I found myself smiling. Really such a small thing can give a little thrill. I was reminded of being a child and getting that new box of 64 Crayola crayons (the pack with the sharpener in the back, you know the one), and looking at all those lovely pointed crayons and the beautiful colours in flawless order. Oh, the joys!

I’ve been thinking about and appreciating the little things, those nuggets that can make a day sweeter.
– a friendly greeting from a stranger
– cold hands around a warm mug
– getting just the right texture for rug hooking
– warm winter sunshine through the window
– delicious aromas coming from the kitchen when I’m not cooking
– a funny text from a friend
– peanut butter
– a quiet moment, time to think
– hearing the awaited car arrive in the driveway
– a compliment
– that first warm blast of warm water in the shower
– finding something you’ve misplaced
– singing along with the radio when alone in the car
– starting a really good book
– reconnecting with an old friend
– a glass of red wine with a barbequed steak.
And so it goes, moments, things that have made my day. What makes yours?





One thought on “Maritime Mary: Making My Day

  1. -the smell of fresh, crisp air……..knowing spring is just around the corner
    -the sound of the crows first “caw” announcing that they are back
    -watching a full moon on a winter night and the glow dancing across the fields


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