We Have a New Website!



Deanne’s Diary…

Change is hard for me. I don’t change my furniture at the house very often. Sometimes when I am home alone at night I leave the lights in the house off except for the knitting lamp next to wear I am sitting. My daughter will walk and call out, “Why are all the lights off?”

I find it comforting to be inside cozy in the dark.  I can walk through the whole house in the dark only occasionally bumping a leg. It’s great. I know where everythings at.


The studio is different though, it is always changing and I have to be okay with that. We have to keep up with the technology online and create comfort and ease with our online shopping cart.

Today though when our webmaster clicked a button and switched us to a new online shopping cart I got a scared feeling. There was a tightness in my throat but as soon as the first order came through it went away. Then it just felt like things would be okay.

We have been working on this new cart for months and we still have a lot to learn. As soon as that order came in  through the cart and Megan printed off the shipping label I was exited to go into learning mode. I love learning mode…don’t you?

When you get to the point where you can figure things out on your own by reading and researching. As soon as you get into learning mode you are on your way.

So you’ll notice a difference in our online shopping cart. It is simpler and cleaner looking. Our new check out is all on one page and it works better.  Even though you might have been a customer already, you’ll have to fill out your info again to set up a new account.

There will be a few bugs to work out so if you see a problem or encounter a glitch just email us or call us and we’ll get it fixed. We are working away here every day and will be happy to hear from you. – Deanne

Coffee With Deanne – Episode 17 – We Have a New Website!…click on the video below to watch…and subscribe to My Youtube Channel!

Inspirata from the Blog…

 Bread is part of every culture. It has always been part of mine. I have a big silver bread  pan that my mother used to put dough in rise. She made traditional loaves of bread, with three buns. With the last bits of dough she would make a tiny loaf for me when I was a child; a loaf that could be cut as soon as it came from the oven and loaded with Eversweet Margarine.  There was no butter, except in early summer when it was made fresh on the Cape Shore…read more

New Online Course: Work Along with Deanne on “Five Trees”
You Can still Purchase the online Course until Saturday, February 28!
 I’ll write down and record all my thoughts and ideas as i make the rug so that you can see the process of creating as you hook along to the same design during the month of March.

All ten lessons with videos will be yours to keep forever and you can work along at your own pace or you can complete the whole rug during the five weeks. I’ll be offering some special tips on hooking more quickly and finishing projects to keep you inspired. It will begin on March 1.  You will be sent 2 lessons per week by email.  

The 10 lessons will include colour images,  written instructions, and video.

 You can also get feedback about your rug along with any of your questions answered by email. 

You can buy the Online Course “Five Trees Work Along with Deanne” for $49.95 

About Our New Website:The new shopping cart will make browsing and shopping more easy and enjoyable.  In order to make a purchase you will need to create a new username and password – We recommend using the same username and password that you used before on our site. Of course with any new system, there is bound to be glitches…If you have any trouble completing your order please call us at  1-800-328-7756 – we are happy to help

Online Courses:

If you have previously bought an Online Course (not including the Five Trees) you will be able to access it by going to http://www.hookingrugs.com, clicking on “shop”, then  “Online Learning” in the top left hand corner, then select the course you have purchased and want to access.  At that point you will need to enter your old username and password to access the course.

Special Promotion to Celebrate our new Website!

To celebrate the launching of our new website we are offering our most popular kit, “Poppies on  the Edge of Town” with free shipping for a limited time!

We have two sizes for this kit:

Buy Poppies on the Edge of Town Kit 12×16″ with Free Shipping for $99.95 

Buy Poppies on the Edge of Town Kit 24×30″ with Free Shipping for $269.00 

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