Maritime Mary: Be Kind

While reading of Pope Francis’ Lenten request, I was reminded of the wise words of Plato, “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” You see, the pope is suggesting that instead of usual Lenten fasting, that people should fast from indifference, that we become a more compassionate people.

Most do fight a battle, usually one that is not visible, some much more challenging than others. But we do share and walk the same earth together. Being compassionate and kind creates an awareness of the trials of others, makes us more open to see them. In smaller locales, we know the plight of some, yet there are so many trials that are unknown to us.

So let us take time to slow down, to be kind, gentle and not indifferent. That is a challenge I give myself.





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  1. This Blog is becoming an “armchair travelers” delight. The Photography is magnificent! I love the red house peeking from behind the tree. A pleasure to visit each day.

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