Maritime Mary: Snow and Yarn

The forecast was ominous and so again we cruised the grocery aisles for a few necessities and some unnecessary snacks. And we waited and watched.

Predictions of 50+ that were looming over us on the weather apps, were accurate. We scored with 65 cm of fresh white snow.

I had recently purchased some nice yarn at Deanne’s studio ‘for later’. It had lots of colourful bits and a lovely name, Spiced Berry and the colour was Peppercorns. Really, what better time to pick it up than during a storm? So the later came early and as we watched the stormy action through our windows, as we watched curling and movies on TV, I knit.

My shawl was half way finished before I had to put it down to begin the digging out process. It’s colourful, light and loose and will be perfect to throw over my shoulders in the spring, after all this snow melts!





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