Maritime Mary: Simple and Sweet

It was simple and kind and a favourite of mine. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day parties in my elementary school experience, especially with the lower grades.

The students would each lovingly decorate their individual bags or pouches with hearts of red and pink. They used paper doilies, bits of ribbon, and sparkly glitter to add personal and pretty touches. The completed projects were hung along the board ledge and over three days or so, the students would put valentines in the bags. Nearly always, everyone made a valentine for each classmate.

Love would be the theme of the week. It would be the topic of books, love in our families, and an appreciation for the different family structures. We would write about and rhyme about love and math activities would invariably involve hearts. The crescendo would be during the final hour of the week, on or nearest to the 14th when the students would gently remove their valentine bags from the ledge and carefully open up each little card. The classroom would be filled with a chorus of ‘Thank you!’

Really, it was just little bits of colourful paper, some cartoon characters, but such a nice time for a group of children. As the teacher, I always just enjoyed that. Simple and sweet.