Coffee with Deanne – Episode 15 – The Art of Being who you Are

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Just hook your rug, never mind imaging it to be the best yet.  Never mind comparing it to anyone  else’s. Let it be yours and let that be good enough.

In this weeks video I read you a little poem by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, an Irish nun and activist whose work I came across years ago when visiting Ireland.

I still read it sometimes to remind myself to be grateful for what I have, the work I do, my family, my kids, my house, my life I s’pose.

The deep of winter is a time for reflection as it is in a way, a retreat. Some of you I know are in warm climates and I am sure there are times in every climate for retreating.

This winter as I struggle to paint something beautiful I am reminded of what it is like to try hard and not meet your own expectations of your self. I know that sometimes when you hook rugs they might not turn out just like you want or imagined.

I experience that everyday. It is a real frustration but one that I can work through by keeping on working at it. When I paint I want my work to look like the painting of artists whose work I love but they only ever look like mine, the beginner. Still I paint, still I hook, still I write because it matters to me that I do.  ~Deanne

Staying close
To affluence
Wants increase
Vessels enlarge
Rarely full
Never overflowing

Staying close
To the source of life
Needs diminish
Vessels reduce
Always full
Overflowing with joy

By Sister Stan

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  1. Looked up Raymond Martin — his paintings are lovely. Many from my favourite places in Ontario — Georgian Bay, Killarney and Algonquin Park. If you are inspired by his paintings, you’d really love the real thing Deanne. Maybe a trip to northern Ontario is in store for you?!? Have a relaxing Family Weekend!


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