Coffee with Deanne – Episode 14 – The Importance of Finishing

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Storm stayed? Home by the fire. Hooking, knitting , reading, eating popcorn. It sounds so good but honestly, I have had my fill.

No sense complaining about the weather though, because it is on a much grander scale than I can imagine. Still it is natural to feel a little hemmed in when the roads are slippery and you don’t want to head out on the highway. That is winter. I laugh at myself because I probably would’nt go anywhere anyway but I like to think I might.

All told, it is a good time to hunker down and get things finished. Finishing things is not just a matter of hauling out a project and getting back at it. Sometimes it is about reinventing it and adding new wool or new ideas to it. It is important to reinvigorate a project, strengthen it, renew it.

If you left it behind there is a reason and it probably needs some new input from you. Regeneration is important in art and craft, and of course in life. We all need new ideas and new materials to inspire us. So let the snow fly – since we have no choice in the matter, we might as well embrace it.

We have done some renewal in the studio this winter. Refreshing our wool supply, adding a new line of yarns to the knitting studio, starting our new online course of Five Trees, and I just put the finishing touches on our powder room which is now a bit of a woodsy feminine powder palace. You’ll just have to come see. It is it’s own thing.
As for me, I continue to to go to the Y, eat candy, walk, hook, knit and paint and read, these being my major activities. Waiting for the snow to clear so I can hit the open road and head to Halifax and visit the art galleries  and feed the artists soul in me and just walk the city streets for a day. I hope you are enjoying the winter, that you finish your rugs so you can feel the joy of starting a new one. – Deanne

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  1. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today – especially the part about no project ever being perfect. Thanks, Deanne.
    PS I always enjoy your Coffee with Deanne episodes.

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