Maritime Mary: Winter Harmony

The song says,”Baby, it’s cold outside.”
But deep cold brings sunshine and often that cancels out, mentally at least, the chill.

Being outdoors forces one to keep moving and while necessary, it is vigorous and feels so good. Being inside is comforting and winter warm. Small organizational tasks, cooking kitchen comfort foods and hooking, lots of hooking, all make these deep freeze days of January pass quickly.

Being an optimist, I see that winter is not just a time for vegetation to be dormant so that we can reap their benefits in warmer seasons. I believe that winter is a time for Canadians to enjoy nature while it’s shrouded in white, to slow down and to reconnect with our homes, while we keep warm inside.





2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Winter Harmony

  1. I agree completely. As long as I have sun shine and blue sky I can cope with the cold winter days.
    The cold weather seems to bring beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The color combinations are spectacular!

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