Coffee with Deanne – Episode 13 – Hand over Hand

Click on the video to Watch – We know the image quality is not great – but the sentiment is right on!


Finding ways to be better, refining things, that is what we do here at the studio. That is what I do as a person.

This month we have been looking at ways of making the studio prettier and more comfortable and more organized.  Ever notice that the big stores put all their organizing stuff on sale this time of year. They are full of plastic containers and bins, ready for us to take home and fill.

Well it must be that winter is the time for this sort of thing, and we here at the studio are just part of a larger trend.

This afternoon, I hope to reorganize all my plastic bins of wool onto open shelving in our dye kitchen. Having that wool hidden away in bins is just not working for me.

I need it out where I can see it, touch it, feel it, admire it. It is too pretty to hide. Norma put some big steel shelves together for me this morning and I promised I’d take her out for a piece of pie for doing it.

So those shelves are going to be the stacked with wool , all pretty very soon, and the bins will be relegated to the basement…emptied!

You’ll find two little videos in here this month…one tells you about our upcoming Five Trees  Online Course.

Everyday when I take my walk I get new ideas for this course and I am rely looking forward to it. We have lots of people registering already so if you are thinking of it, let us know as we need to get the supplies out to you. You can purchase it below.
Thanks so much for reading the newsletter and being part of the studio life…Deanne

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  1. While you are excited about the quote and the coat, I am excited that you mentioned the glass blocks. Unless they are very new, they were made in the area where I live. For many years, Pittsburgh Corning in Port Allegany, PA was the only place in the world where they were made.

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