Coffee with Deanne Episode 12 – Sewing a Pattern onto a Cheticamp Frame

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Well so far mid way into January my promises to myself (not resolutions) have been kept rather well. I joined the YMCA. I have been walking at the local track. Today I competed a painting. You see, a resolution sounds as if it is a rule, and you know what most of us like to do with rules.A little promise to myself though is just that, a chance to be a little bit more. I find it interesting that by mid January no one even speaks of resolutions /promises anymore. It is as if the idea is finished, when really it has hardly begun.

On New Year’s Eve, my good friend Elizabeth, who owns Damaris Spa and Manasseh Food Market invited a group of women to sit around for a 2:30 tea and talk about what they wanted for their community in the coming year. We met again yesterday and have come up with several plans that we as a group might take on. One is meeting once a month for dinner to support each other, and we’ll call it the idea factory, a place we can gather to flush out ideas with each other. It might or might not work, but the the thing is we are gonna try it.A group of women, dinner, a glass of wine maybe, and a chance to talk about turning small ideas into action. We have also decided to create a chapter of 100 Women Who Care ( a group that works together, each donating $100 every three months to a worthy cause in their community) here in Amherst/Sackville.  It is just the first idea of our little idea factory.

In ourselves we are enough, but together we can be more. I love the idea of creating a group of women to learn and grow with and I am hopeful that we will grow together towards a stronger community, but also that each of us will become stronger with in our community.

Whether you have made a promise to yourself or to a group, we still have time to implement them. I kept promising that I would come up with a new online course but could not seek out the way for me to do it until today.Today I decided that I would offer one starting the end of February and for the first time, it would be a course that offers a pattern that you can experience hooking along with me, as together we create the same design. We’ll spend the next several weeks getting ready, and I hope you’ll join me. It is designed for you to finish the rug in five weeks.

So now I am off to hook a rug, slap the first layer of paint on a new canvas, and to make a bundle or two.

4 thoughts on “Coffee with Deanne Episode 12 – Sewing a Pattern onto a Cheticamp Frame

  1. Deanne – I so look forward to these little videos BUT it is so hard to hear you. I turned the volume on my computer to 100 (it’s usually at 20) and I still had a hard time. When is the promised microphone coming? 🙂


  2. Love the coffee with Deanne!! It makes me feel like I get to chat with Deanne and it ‘s wonderful. What a boost to my week. Wonderful idea, keep it up. I like that Deanne chats to us like a friend about her life, much like her blog was long ago. Great idea.


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