Coffee with Deanne – Episode 11 – Thoughts on Cut Wool

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A Note from Deanne…

Each morning , The Halifax Herald Newspaper is delivered to my door. My nephew, Aaron Beswick, writes for the Herald so I scan it for his byline. I quickly look over the obituaries, and read the headlines cover to cover.

Once in awhile I read an article. This morning I read an article about a young woman who was a major fundraiser for the Red Cross who died at age forty three. When asked about her, the president of Clearwater Seafoods who worked closely with her as she fundraised for disaster relief said that she was humble, that she never gained the arrogance that sometimes comes with age.

I felt it was a lovely thing to be said. Sometimes as we age, as we accomplish things we do gain a certain surety, an arrogance , it’s true. We become set in our ways, sure that how we have decided to do it is the best way, because we have tried many other ways.

I am fond of quoting Margaret Lawrence who said, “You’re young, you know things now you won’t know later.” Sometimes I believe it, but sometimes I wonder.

This weekend we had to drive an hour to see my daughter play hockey. On the way we listened to the coffee house radio station and I started thinking about who wrote all these great songs with such profound lyrics and it came to me that they were all young….early twenties. Think of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Elton John,Stevie Nicks and the list goes on.

They were all early twenties when they stated the most profound truths, that have resonated for generations now. They were young but they knew a lot. I can hardly believe how smart they were for being so young.

As a mother of two young adults both of these truths are good for me to remember. Sometimes when we get older we are too sure, and sometimes when we are younger we still know even though we do not have age on our side. I want to be one of those people who ages well, like Alice , a woman at my curling club, who retired over twenty years ago and still curls. Who doesn’t?

I also want to be around younger people, hopefully have some of them work here with me, learn from them as they learn from me. Age seems to be the recurring theme for me this week. It keeps popping up. Last night I joined the YMCA and the sweet little thing on the desk asked me if I wanted a regular or seniors membership. I smiled, pulled back my talons, and said regular. My good friend Lily became a grandmother, when her granddaughter Lily, as well, entered the world. Age is not really on my mind, but it is in my face, so to speak (literally too , if you ask the sixteen year old at the Y).

This afternoon at the studio we are getting together for a planning session to think about the coming year, to embrace some new ideas, find simpler ways of doing the same things. It will be important for me to let go of “what I know” for what might be.

We have a wide age range here at the studio, from thirty six to sixty five or so. We all have different ideas and approaches that come from being ourselves, but also from our experiences, our upbringing and even our generation. We are all sure of ourselves in one way or another.

We very rarely have staff meetings ( I hate them from my early work days in other places) but it is really important to get together and talk and plan because we have to do that for you, and all the other rug hookers out there.

We need to make sure we are doing our best to inspire you and to create beauty everyday ourselves.


One thought on “Coffee with Deanne – Episode 11 – Thoughts on Cut Wool

  1. Hi Deanne,

    The suggestions given on your coffee break video today are very helpful. I’ve tried following your suggestion to ‘cut as you go’ but somehow I lost track of that goal and have ended up with a bit of a mess. Sorting as you suggest came at the right time.

    I’ve had good luck in the past dealing with ‘musty’ fabric by enclosing the fabric with kitty litter placed in cotton bags and all sealed in a garbage bag. It will take a week or two or longer to have the musty smell absorbed but it does work effectively. This also will remove odor from musty trunks etc.

    Hope you find this tip helpful.



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