Maritime Mary: Write a Good Book

This morning I solved the cryptoquote in our paper and was pleased to see this unfold:
“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a three hundred and sixty-five page book. Write a good one.”
– Brad Paisley

While I do look ahead and make some general plans for the year, it’s a fine time to consider how last year’s “book” actually went. I did manage to complete what seemed like an ominous project stretching out ahead of me. With some dedication, it wasn’t such a daunting task. Really, those things in life that we can control, we shouldn’t worry about, like the sports ad says, “Just do it!”

All around us we see very regular examples of sickness and heartache caused by things out of our hands. Everything else is gravy (or in my case, icing), the good, the delicious, the fortunate, the creative bits that make up our lives.

So with that in mind, I am optimistic, that my blank book will grow to be a good book, an interesting one filled with days that are productive, that are healthy, that are shared, that give. And readers, that is my 2015 wish for you too.



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