Coffee with Deanne Episode 10 – Sexy Jersey is Back!

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A Note from Deanne…

Winter here so far has been pretty good, not too much snow, easy to get around. Usually by now it has set in deep but this year we have gotten a reprieve. Once it starts late it cannot be an exceptionally long one. Yet I have to prepare for it, for the frozenness of February, for the length of March. It is a preparation of the mind, getting ready.

So I do this as I enter the new year. I try to embrace the possibilities of ideas. Small things. In January I’ll go to the city to see the Mary Pratt exhibit at the AGNS. I’ll go out for a good meal while I’m there. Things to look forward to. I try to plan for beauty and some joy. I hate to think of losing my Christmas lights so I am trying to think of how else I can light up the winter in my home.

This winter I’ll look at the Women’s store that we opened across the street and figure out how we let people know that we are there. I’ll think about how we get out the message that all women are beautiful, and that is the premise that we work from. We’ll have a planning session here at the studio and figure out how we will continue to create beauty everyday and inspire others to do the same. It is our mantra. We practice it. We believe it. We dream it up, one year to the next. I have two pages of ideas , some will get scratched out but some will get embraced and nurtured.

Embrace is a nice word I think, for what I am doing here. Christmas is over bout the new year is just beginning. Brenda told me on the Chinese Calendar it is the year of the sheep. Now that is something to embrace.

So today I woke up ready to embrace the new year. I like that word “embrace”. It makes me think of love.


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