Coffee with Deanne Episode Five

Well here is another one….I am really having fun doing these videos. I guess you may have noticed I am doing these instead of writing right now. At least for a little while.

This weekend is our big Grand Opening of Thirty Church : The Women’s Store so I am excited about that. We have a ribbon cutting with the mayor at 11:30 on Saturday.

This fall has been really exciting. On Monday we had a book launch with The Bethany Group in Halifax. It was an honour to be received by them and hosted. We all had a good time.

Today I plan to hook, and order wool in the afternoon but I am working in the women’s store in the morning. I love to be busy in the days and follow that with quiet evenings to replenish.


6 thoughts on “Coffee with Deanne Episode Five

  1. Hope you have a giant success of an opening Deanne, wish i could be there but i have committed to be at Father Christmas Market in Mahone Bay all weekend. Congratulations on what will certainly be another wonderful success story.
    Heather Sanft


  2. Deanne! You are so cool. I work for a very large software company and we are talking all the time about the “application economy,” how business isn’t about technology anymore but about how applications are built and used. And here you are suggesting a perfect example of what that means – using Facetime for private tours of your studio and probably 30 Church to shop. It’s amazing! Awesome idea…


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