Maritime Mary: A Reprieve

One of the many things I like about living in the town of Amherst is that within a kilometre of my home, I can see ‘county’. And it looks different in every direction.

While I love viewing the marsh and the long, narrow waterways, I get particular joy when taking the Robert Angus Drive when going towards the grocery stores. You see, one side, the town side, consists of retail properties, car dealerships and the like. The other side, while not actually in the county, or country, as some would call it, is farmland. Rarely is the field empty. There may be dozens of beautiful horses, some beef animals or llamas, or a combination. They graze peacefully while the traffic zips along.

So as I make that turn, I wonder what livestock will be in those pastures. To watch those animals, gives to soul a bit of a reprieve.





3 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: A Reprieve

  1. wonderful to have the best of both worlds at your fingertips!!! we opted for the countryside…our nearest grocery is half an hour away…and ‘town’ is even farther…and it’s nice at our age…!


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