Maritime Mary: Crows

There is much talk around town about crows. A healthily numbered delegation (also known as a murder), of these noisy, majestic black birds roost quite near our house.

Some of those conversing want these clever birds driven away, but many protest. In fact, our town did hire a machine which produces noises to move them on. Not to be outdone, the crows returned quietly the next day but have been crowing ever since. They make their presence known mostly at dawn and dusk. My daughter says that it’s their town council meetings.

We used to have a nest of crows in our backyard and they played havoc with our garden. Our good neighbour and my husband would patiently till the soil and prepare the earth for planting while up above, in the big old fir tree, the crows would caw back and forth to each other. I always told the men that the crows were mocking them and all their work. We actually watched them fly low over the garden, and pluck out my nurtured little plants, give them a shake and drop them! Those crows were having fun!

So as the crow discussions continue, I’ll just try to capture them with my camera, often a challenging thing to do. They are quick but when staying still, they are a majestic silhouette.

And that’s all I have to crow about today!





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