Every year is a little different than the last

Dear Diary,

This time last year I was making tons of kits for Christmas at the coliseum in Moncton. Megan and I decided to do the show to promote the studio in the little city just north of us. We had a good time, sold lots of kits, and gave out over 1000 brochures and let people know we were here.

It was an experiment. I had not done a show in over ten years and I wanted to get the feeling of them again. Typically we over prepared and carried way too much stuff to Moncton but it was good to see what the general public felt about rug hooking. At my shop nearly everyone who comes in has already declared an interest. You are talking to the converted I suppose. When you head out to a show it is not as warm and easy going. Only a few people know about rug hooking, and fewer still know your history in the craft. It was a really great learning experience and I was reminded how much work it is for all those beautiful crafts people who carry their work from arena to arena to arena for craft shows. It is expensive as well to do those shows, and hard work. I have chosen to stay home this year and think of other ways to get the word out there about rug hooking. It is important to keep finding new rug hooker and getting young people interested in the craft.

Last year, Don Miller’s cousin, Lori Lever took the picture below of me at the show. She is a Halifax Photographer  and happened to be at the show and recently sent me the picture below.

I guess I find that craft shows are not the right place for me. Years ago I opted out of them because my children were little and travelling was difficult. Trying it again last year I found that I do not love doing them. I really like to make contact with people about rug hooking but I find it hard to just stand there all day to do so.

Every year is a little different than the last. This year I am not going to do a craft show. As you know I have started a new women’s wear store across the street and I plan to be very busy there leading up to Christmas. We are also going to do our Five Artist’s- One Studio again on November 15 the from 10 to 3 in the studio. I have made a series of small rugs for that that I have framed in the thin black modern frames. They look really good so far. There is still some to be framed. The other four artists are Roberta Hancock, Don Miller, Dan Walker, and Ghita Levin. It was sweet last year and we are hoping for good things again this year. We are hoping for Janie’s cinnamon buns for that day…Lorna is going to give her a call.

I am also planning a book launch in Halifax for Monday , November 24th. I’ll keep you posted on that. mark your calendar! It will be late morning, and the details will come.


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  1. Everytime I do a class your name is added to the class notes. You are an inspiration .Hope to see you again next fall. The blueberry jar gal Carole


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