Maritime Mary: Family Time

Some are small and quiet, others are large and quiet but my family is large and loud! This weekend we were surrounded by most of our family members, aged eighty-six to one.

In my family, we sit in a big circle in the living room or around the large kitchen table overflowing to capacity. We eat, love snacks and all things cheese. The teapot is always on and the coffee brewed. Refills and noise, crumbs and kids, teasing and playing, and lots of laughs, that’s what happens.

We gathered for a wedding, a family celebration in a country community for a young dairy farming couple. Everyone looked stunning, the meal was great and the decor of burlap and lace was a beautiful combination of traditional and classy country.

After a wonderful evening of family, friends, food and dancing in celebration, we picked up a jar of homemade jelly to take home as a lovely souvenir to enjoy later.

The entire weekend – sweet!