sweet or not so sweet indulgences

Dear Diary, Well if I start with my weaknesses it might begin with the fact that I am addicted to White Cheddar popcorn in the same way I was once in love with big cup peanut butter cups. I tell myself I won’t buy another bag but there I go again, off to buy two bags. I even eat it with a cup of tea. Sometimes I eat it 9:30 in the morning. That was just one morning, this morning in fact and I thought it okay because I am nursing a cold. I eat bowls and bowls of it. One night last week I ate it for supper. I keep telling myself it is better than my peanut butter cup addiction, and I believe it to be true.

The other indulgence of late is pots of tea, namely Vicky Comeau has been selling Steeped Tea, so I bought a little pack from her. There is detox tea, immunity booster tea( that is my current blush as I have a cold) and numerous others. Instead of making a cup as I did today, I make a pot after supper and nurse it. Sometimes I even reheat a cup Another harmless indulgence.

Then there is the Just Us White Chocolate Bars from Manasseh. I buy one a week and keep it in the fridge. You see I stopped eating chocolate after my peanut butter cup fiasco. That was over two years ago. I will have a nibble now and again but mainly I switched to white because it is less accessible. I know how this sounds. I know it is foolish. After many tries I finally found a white chocolate worth savouring. The thing is though it can last me a week in the fridge. Makes me feel full of self control.

Finally I admit that since I started knitting I need a series. Yup I need a show, my show, to watch an episode of each night. I prowl netflix until I found something that will let me get three inches of a scarf done every night. When I have show I know that my night is made. That is sad sounding. I don’t binge on netflix like I do on other things (white cheddar popcorn for example). One show of a series at night and I’m good.

We all have our little indulgences. We need them. They entertain us. Okay I’ll speak for myself. I need my little indulgences. They make me happy. They give me comfort. They entertain me. Isn’t it funny how we go through phases( ok…it’s me I am taking about but the we is just so much more comfortable and I doubt you are a saint) and have these little habits that make home feel like like, that we look forward to. Simple things that cozy up our lives. Things that don’t mean much but that we savour. And isn’t it funny how these things slip from one thing to another. That’s why I am not worried about the popcorn addiction, it’ll pass. Something else will take it’s place. We just need a little comfort. Little things to look forward to no matter what kind of things we do during the day.


The pictures in this post have nothing to do with the post. Truth is even with my iPhone I have been forgetting to take pictures. These are the rugs hanging right now on my studio walls from my new book, Simply Modern. I erased most of the pictures on my phone last night and I hope to start taking new pictures, odd random ones like I used to. Around the house, in the yard, at the shop. I will. I will . I will. In the meantime, here are some rugs I made for the book….











8 thoughts on “sweet or not so sweet indulgences

  1. Laura Secord Strawberry Milkshakes ………..love them !!! And Miss Vickies Original Chips !!! Deanne, I love your entry into your blog. that I just finished reading and viewing. Beautiful rugs. Thank-you for sharing. It is fun checking into this site and getting a glimpse of yours and your readers lives.


  2. I have your book…I LOVE your book..!!!

    You are absolutely correct…none of us are saintly…and we SO need the little indulgences…I get myself two scoops of Baskin-Robbins ice cream in a waffle cone or cup every time I go to town alone (fortunately, that’s not often! We’re an hour and a half away from the town with the Baskin-Robbins shop)…I, too, am a popcorn fan…I keep a large supply of microwave packets…and I’ve been known to add butter sometimes, even if the packet is already seasoned…note that both of these are food related!

    I have other times that I just do whatever I feel like doing…I go up to my loft and work on several projects over the course of the afternoon…Husband is playing pool with the guys this afternoon…I’m on my way for some indulgences, as we speak!

    It’s my opinion that what we do for ourselves is directly connected to what we can do for others…we need to have a contented heart on order to support those around us.

    I also love your diary…it’s an honor to share your life…so good to know you!


  3. Hot Chocolate! Higgins & Burke! As soon as the weather starts to cool off. You’re right we all have our little pleasures.
    You should be proud of what your symposiums have turned into. The Fibre Art Festival is a huge success. I enjoyed my day there.


  4. Love the rugs, especially the first 3. They speak to me. Oh yes, I have a few indulgences that threaten to be one addictions at times. Right now one of them is dark chocolate covered almonds.


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