Maritime Mary: Celebrating Our Town

Amherst is celebrating the 125th year of incorporation this year. It’s a good town, a welcoming town, one with old roots and fresh optimistic blood. Our downtown is being revitalized and the citizens of the town and surrounding areas are enjoying the changes. We have some new businesses in the downtown including Deanne’s new Thirty Church, a perfect pairing for the 90 year old business, Mansour’s, across the street.

To commentate our town’s 125th, the ladies of the Amherst Curling Club, (lead by the very capable Alice), decided to celebrate in conjunction with the Fibre Arts Festival by creating a display of 125 aprons. We were concerned that perhaps accumulating this number would be overly ambitious but through the generosity of many, we had no difficulty reaching our goal.

When all the aprons were pressed and hung in display, we had quite an assortment. We had…
Practical aprons,
Playful aprons,
Small, medium and large aprons,
Well used and new aprons,
Machine made
And hand stitched aprons,
Aprons with smocking,
Some with frills,embroidery and ribbon
And lots of ric-rac too.
Some were made by the young,
Some by the old,
Many were gifted aprons,
And souvenir aprons,
Christmas themed aprons
And lots of gingham.
And many aprons came with stories that were shared as they were hung.

The curling ladies also hosted a soup, sandwich and dessert luncheon. We were a class act with lovely tablecloths
and beautiful teacups.

Good food, food company and an abundance of aprons, all made for a wonderful way to recognize Amherst’s 125. It’s a town worth celebrating!





2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Celebrating Our Town

  1. How delightful your happy colourful blog is. The aprons are magnificent in celebration of Amherst’s 125th. I have been there four times to “Deanne’s workshops, I noticed the changes being made each year.The town is really coming together with all the neat shops etc. The Curling club ladies did a great job, but those gals always do, once I was one in Woodstock. LOL.


  2. How beautiful ! If I was closer I would have bought up a bundle for Christmas gifts, though I am not certain if , in fact, they were for sale. Pretty aprons for gifts …….. How lucky for those who will wear your beautiful aprons. Happy Anniversary, Amherst from a Newfoundland hooker. Thank-you, Maritime Mary , for sharing. I really love your photos.


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