paying attention to the what’s on the go right now

Dear Diary,

Yes, I am back to writing dear diary because I  feel as if I am writing to myself when I start like that. It is so much less intimidating. You will have noticed I am blogging less. I will keep trying to post once or twice a week.

I have to say I am excited about my new book…the best book yet…with out a doubt. Not only is it in hardcover but it is full of surprises and interesting instruction as well as my more personal writing. Simply Modern…I can hardly believe I wrote it.

My friend , Donny Miller, said one of the things he does not love abut me is that before I take time to appreciate one thing I am on to the next thing. We were talking early this fall, being honest with each other and that was his honesty with me. I really heard what he said. I was not like I did not know it. I know myself pretty good. I know that I might relish the moment but as soon as I do I move on to the next thing. It is a weakness and I plan to work on it. In fact I am working on it right now. Relishing my new book. Relishing the new store across the street. And it isn’t easy for me.

When I was in my thirties I sometimes thought that if I could do it, then it wasn’t a big deal. I took it for granted . That has since changed but I remain speedy. One thing done, on to the next. In my life there are lots of quiet and slower times but I am always thinking about the next thing. What should we do next? I think for the coming year, though I have some projects I am working on, it is important for me to think about how can this be the best?

That is what I did with my book., Simply Modern. I thought a lot about how it could be the best possible book. It is what I have done with my studio and it is what I want to do with our new womb’s clothing store, Thirty Church. I want to work on, instead of move on, taking Donnie’s advice seriously.

It isn’t easy for me. It’s a goal I suppose, to relish things more. To savour. Not to eat it all so fast that you barely get to taste it.

This is what I’ll start saying to myself…”Take yer time girl, yer not running a race.” or maybe I’ll try “Deanne , Deanne, don’t do it just because you can.” It is going to take some adjusting but this fall I want to savour, I want to relish, I want to love what I a;ready have, what has already been done for it is try;y beautiful; and it deserves my full attention.









12 thoughts on “paying attention to the what’s on the go right now

  1. Oh, you have come back to us, I was wondering, like others, when you might slow down and smell the roses. Think I once asked you that in one of your blogs.. I recently read about a well known designer, this is what it said. He leapt from one enthusiasm to another, living his life with a restless energy that continually led him to seek new chanllenges. I guess this happens to all brilliant artists of one kind or another. it is just the way it is !!! Missed your Dear Diary so mudh.


  2. Miss reading your entries Deanne. Look forward to more as you take a breather to enjoy all the wonderful things you have accomplished. Take some deep breaths, sit back, relax, read, hook and enjoy! (I should listen to my own advice — haha).
    Just ordered your book and can’t wait to read it.


  3. You know what’s beautiful, Deanne? On Friday as I was leaving the market and walking past the Electric St. Knitting Room, I heard women’s laughter – unrestrained, gleeful, mischievous, spirit-filled. You made that happen. And it was Good.


  4. You know yourself best, keep that in mind as you read this. A creative person is often bubbling with ideas. When that’s combined with the energy to make those ideas real, that person often inspires others around them to action. That’s the feeling I get from you. Besides possibly being unable to change something so elemental about yourself as slowing your inner drumbeat, you might be on the road to making yourself unhappy with yourself, and maybe to stifling your creativity. Just thoughts. Donny’s drumbeat is slower. That’s ok too, though it’s too bad the discord annoys him.


  5. Really, really enjoying your new book, deanne,,, I have read it once and starting over again to read it again,, love it,,, so much inspiration, ,,,


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