Maritime Mary: Squash and More

It was one of those fall days, the kind you envision when thinking about the season. The sun was bright, giving beautiful gentle heat, the wind light, stirring green and recently changed leaves. IMG_4266.JPG
The company too, was just right as we headed towards Parrsboro, stopping at Halfway River to go squash picking. The field was full of a wide variety of squash, ready for harvesting. We left with a couple of dozen squash, butternut, buttercup, acorn, spaghetti, a new variety for us, sweet dumpling, as well as pie pumpkins and a very interesting assortment of gourds.


The enjoyment continued as we passed blueberry fields awash in red. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Refreshments were served as we gazed over the beautiful, ever changing Bay of Fundy from our perch above. The tide was just going out.
Autumn splendour all around!


2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Squash and More

  1. So thankful to live in this part of the world. The beauty is breathtaking every season and we don’t have to travel great distances to enjoy it. And to top it off we have nice fresh air to breathe every day. God is so good to us.

    New Brunswick


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