a sheep’s arse and other such stuff

This week I have been back at the studio quite a bit, re imagining the space, hooking and dreaming a bit. I am getting excited to think that with in weeks I’ll actually have a new book arriving, Simply Modern is due out in October. The thought of a few years work all being packed into 120 pages between hard covers, yup…it’s in hard cover is pretty awesome. I love putting years and words and ideas in a book form. It must be what it is like for a musician to put together an album. It is a gathering of things that you have worked hard on and loved over a period of time. It is curated, edited, reimagined and finally collated together. The new book is one full of ideas and how too, chocked full of practical knowledge. It is different from any book I have written yet which excites me. I am eager to hear what readers think of it.

You can see below a sneak peek of what I am hooking and the wool from the Fleece Artist that I am about to use next.  The last couple of days Brenda and I cleaned the studio and she made some new bundles. I think she wanted to clobber me yesterday when I started moving furniture. She told me to wait til after lunch as she had orders to get out and I did. I have been known to drop bookcases and chairs on myself moving furniture on my own.The thing is though once you start moving a few things it feels pretty good, and once you move one thing, something else cries out, “Move me too.” And so you do.

We moved around the furniture and brought our pet sheep ( they are not real) out from under the table to the top of the table. We moved around some rugs and planned a run new contest for then blog this fall. Megan is going to post it soon so keep on the look out.



I love an unfamiliar quote

IMG_4120Hit and Miss meets the village

IMG_4122                                  I wonder why no one gets called a sheep’s arse…they just pick on horses I guess

IMG_4121                                   Oh Tiffendel… Oh Tiffendel (I’m singing here) you make my landscape so easy


5 thoughts on “a sheep’s arse and other such stuff

  1. It is actually a “horse’s arse”. In pantomime, the most ignominious part was playing the backside of a panto horse. So, if you were called a “horse’s arse”, you were as low as you could get.
    I looked up Where did the saying Horse’s Petute come from and I located the above … so I guess sheep were not often used in plays/pantomime so the horse got the label LOL.
    I love hearing of your journey Deanne … I can’t wait to get your new book … wishing you all good things …. peace, joy, and contentment especially. Kindest regards.


  2. I loved this , Deanne. It brought a very big smile to my face this afternoon. Thank-you. Looking forward to seeing your new book. Congratulations.


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