Maritime Mary: Hello Fall

Things are changing. The fall equinox is already upon us but the calendar is not our only reminder. Most of the garden has been harvested, we’ve already had frost! On our way out the door, there is a tendency to grab a sweater or jacket and I don’t mind the heat generated in the kitchen when using the oven. Despite intentions to be resolute about not turning on the furnace yet, we’ve caved a few times. Last week I even went shopping for cinnamon scented candles. These are the household signs of dropping temperatures, preparing us for autumn.

We also bid a summer farewell to the beach this week. We’ll stay again in autumn but another season changes the beach experience, fewer people, more seagulls, Canada Geese come by. The enjoyment of the vista requires bundling against the salty breezes.

And so we go forward, images of summer once again tucked into the memory file, towards hopefully a beautiful fall season.